Happy Hungry Baby
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Happy Hungry Baby

Ever walked into a restaurant after a busy day of holidaying with 3 kids in tow only to see that every other family have converged onto the dining area at the same time...Problem number 1 when travelling with babies is there's never enough high chairs in restaurants to go around. Problem number 2 is that not all restaurants keep the same hygiene standards as those in Mantra complexes so often the high chairs left have bits of food about to grow legs and walk germs all over your baby. Solution: Invest in a portable and compact high chair aid that can be secured to any chair like the one pictured. This gives your baby a safe and comfortable place to sit while you enjoy your meal. Plus it takes up no room at all and can be easily washed and dried overnight. Problem solved so Mum and Dad can enjoy a night off from kitchen duties. Now that's smart holidaying.


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