Sporting friendships
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Brendan's Tip

Sporting friendships

Because my wife and I are committed to "travelling light" as much as possible, sometimes our essential sporting equipment -tennis racquets- don't always get inside the bag. So carrying racquets as carry-on pieces and then strapping them outside the bag while getting to our room has had pleasant unplanned consequences. We have been approached by perfect strangers inviting us for a social mixed doubles on the hotel courts, day and night, adding a special dimension to experiencing a new country and culture. We are sure that the Aussie flag stuck on our bags didn't hurt either! One couple brought a tear to our eyes when on our last evening, court side at a Hawaii hotel, they produced a little cooler with a six-pack of Fosters cans! (In case we were a little homesick!) Sport...just brings people(s) together.


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